At CUTZ Meridian we specialize in hair cutting techniques of the latest trends in hair fashion for both men and women. Our highly trained stylists will help you find the "look" best suited for you.

Hair Services

Hair Cut Female $35-$55

Hair Cut Male $20-$30

Buzz $15

Hair Cut Children $25 - $35

Up Do $45/hr

Blow Dry $25-$35

Flat Iron (Shampoo) $45/hr

Full Color $75 to $100

Full Foil $90 to $160

Partial Foil $75 to $95

Root Color $65

Relaxer starts at $85

Perm starts at $75

Bleach and Tone $125 (long hair EXTRA)

Morrocan Oil Treatment $25

KeraTherapy Express Smoothing Treatment $65/hr (lasts for one and one-half months)

Thermafuse Smoothing Treatment $75/hr                  (lasts for three months, comes in two strengths)

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment $85/hr                        (lasts for five months and is customizable!)

Color Correction $90/hr                                            (must have a consultation)

Balayage vs Ombre $55/hr                                        (must have a consultation)