Cutz Meridian supports local art with displays from Puget Sound area artists. Join us for open gallery nights to experience new exhibits and mingle with the artists.

Among the artists who have displayed exhibits at Cutz is Chistopher Thomas Raine.

Chris born in Toronto Canada has been leaving in Seattle for over two decades. Chris' art is known as REVERSE GLASS PAINTING. This art form is where the painting is made directly on the glass. Paint is applied using tempera or spray paint, then using razor blades, section are removed then paint is reapplying. This is done numerous times until the desired effect is achieved.

Chris is inspired by the city around him and loves to use bright colors in his work.

At right is one Chris' new creation of an old school scuba diver.

The photography of artist Jeremy Echols has also been exhibited at Cutz Meridian. Please visit Jeremy's website at to learn more about his work. Below are a few images from Jeremy's Urban, Nature and Panorama collections.

"#2022" - Jeremy Echols

"#1021" - Jeremy Echols

"Mt. Rainier Behind Seattle's Great Wheel (surrounded by the stadiums)" - Jeremy Echols